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We use cookies on sebluerenewables.dk

sebluerenewables.dk uses cookies. On this page you can read more concerning which cookies we use on the website. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Ownership specifications
This website is provided by:
Edison Park 1
DK-6715 Esbjerg N

Phone: +45 7011 5000


Cookies are used on sebluerenewables.dk. A cookie is a small text file, which is stored in your browser. This makes it possible for your computer to be recognised in recurrent visits. Cookies are used for the following functions:

  • Save passwords for "Min side" and other self-service functions
  • For statistics: the number of users on the site
  • Information about engagement and geographical locations
  • Detection of interest, in order to customize the content on the website to a specifik user

Different types of cookies

There are differnet kinds of cookies on sebluerenewables.dk.

  • Session-cookies: These cookies are used to recognize you, when you move around on the site. These cookies are also used to remember if you have logged on some of our self-service functions. Session-cookies are sutomatically erased from your computer, when you close your browser.  
  • Google Analytics cookies: Are used to grather information concerning the trafic on the site. These are not pinned to a certain computer/person.
  • Persistent cookies: Are set by the actual website. Persistent cookies are stored on your computer and expires after a certain period of time. These are used for the "remember me" function on our self-service function.
  • Persistent cookies (3. part cookies): Are set by a 3. part program/website, which is an integral part of the website. These are fx used in certain campaigns or tests. These are deleted from your computer automatically after a certain period of time. 
    • Visual Web Optimizer - Is used for A/B split testing, which are conducted in order to improve the conversion rate and the user experience on sebluerenewables.dk.
    • Doubleclick - is used to targeting/re-targeting, optimization, controlling frequency to optimize the user experience, and evaluation on the website.

For how long are my cookies stored?

Cookies are automatically deleted after a certain amount of months (this may vary), but they are renewed after each visit.

How to delete cookies

You can easily delete the cookies on your computer or other devices. If you have any questions concerning this, you can get more information on "how to", by contacting minecookies.org


Cookie information

By using sebluerenewables.dk you accept the use of cookies that SE Blue Renewables and our partners use to statistics, for tracking the use and functionality of the site, and marketing. If you want to know more about our cookies and how to delete them Click here.